Planets, Weekdays

The Sun or a Day

korean pronunciation Eel

chinese pronunciation Ri

japanese pronunciation Nichi, Hee

In Astronomy, the symbol of the sun is similar to D-letter Ri. D-letter Ri is one of the most important basic letters as you can guess. This letter is so simple that the foreigners can be confused with other simple letters.

The Moon, The eye To say The mouth

korean pronunciation Wall, Mok, waol Goo

chinese pronunciation Yue, Mu, Yue, Kou

japanese pronunciation Gatzu, Me, Iwaku, Guchi



The Moon, or a month

korean pronunciation Wall

chinese pronunciation Yue

japanese pronunciation Gatzu


This letter means also Monday in Korea and Japan.

Chinese use another expression for the Monday, Xingchi Yi.

Literally, Xing Chi Yi means ‘the first star day’.

Then you can guess that Tuesday will be Xing Chi Er, ‘the second star day’.

Then Wednesday, Xing Chi San(3),

Thursday, Xing Chi Si(4),

Friday, Xing Chi Wu(5),

Saturday, Xing Chi Liu(6).

But Sunday is not Xing Chi Chi(7), but Xing Chi Ri(Sun) or Xing Chi Tian(Sky).


Of course, I prefer the Moon day than the first day for Monday.


korean pronunciation Wall Yo Eel(Moon week day)

japanese pronunciation Katsu Yo Bi


Korean and Japanese share the name of weekdays. Sun, Moon and five Planet names.

Korean Japanese

Tuesday – Mars, Hwa Yo Eel/         Ka Yo Bi

Wednesday – Mercury, Soo Yo Eel/        Soo Yo Bi

Thursday – Jupiter, Mok Yo Eel /    Moku Yo Bi

Friday – Venus, Kum Yo Eel /  Gin Yo Bi

and Saturday – Saturn. To Yo Eel / To Yo Bi


The names of 5 planets again are related to the 5 elements of the world.

Jupiter,                         Mars,                       Saturn,                  Venus,                           Mercury

Wood                           Fire                           Earth                          Metal                        Water



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