Trouble Joining WIN?

From Rashid

I asked you this simple question because probably you cannot guide the person intending to join WIN due to lack of communication skills. In my humble opinion, you can copy and paste the instructions given below to any future supplicant (if he is dumb like me and has qualified for the Mensa membership in Ancient Times by chance):

1. Visit []. And click Register on the top right-hand corner to move to another page where you can enter your (1) Username, and (2) E-mail (for password).

2. When you receive the email from [World Intelligence Network] including username (suggested by yourself) and password (given by us), log in the site which weblink will be given at the bottom of this information, i.e. [].

3. Now click World Intelligence Network on the top left-hand corner, which will take you to another page where you should click WIN given on the right side of News.

4. On the page where you’re now, click WIN Boards, given in the middle of WIN One and WIN Societies. It will take you to a page where you will find a thumbnail, described as “The new WIN boards are hosted at the following link:” under “WIN Boards”. Click this thumbnail which is actually a link to another page where you can find Register, Login, and WIN. Click Register. On the new page, hit Before 21 January 1998, which will take you to another page where you will hit “I agree to these terms” without wasting your valuable time reading whatever given above. On the next page, enter the required information if you know sufficient English and hit Sumbit. Now wait for another email with confirmation of your registration on the board.

5. When you receive the email, click the weblink, i.e. [], and enter your Username and Password that you selected while entering the data during registration in the previous step, and hit Login. That will take you to another page where you can see the World Intelligence Network forum.

6. On the top left-hand corner, click User Control Panel. You will go to a page where you can see Usergroups on the left sidebar. Click it.

7. On this page, check IQUESTION Member by clicking on the radio buttion given in the column of Select. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit Submit.

8. Now wait for confirmation from the admin of WIN.



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