Why I call the ideogram Dragon letters

The most fascinating letter to me was ‘Long’ meaning a dragon when I was very young.

At first, it looks very complicated. Actually this letter is one of the letters which need the maximum strokes to write. But, the letter looks like the same image the Asian people have in minds.

A dragon must have the sharp teeth, strong nails, a fire tongue, the glistening mane and the golden scales.  The dragon in the picture is going to take Moon to make it his crown jewel. The letter ‘Long’ includes the letter ‘Yue’ meaning the moon.

Maoist educator simplified the letter as the below.

Of course, simplified letter need the much fewer strokes. So it’s practical. But which one do you like? The traditional letter? Or the simplified one? The Dragon is not the dinosaurs, I guess. It was the imaginary sacred animal. In many dynasties, the Dragon symbolizes the Emperor.

Some scholars suggest that the ancient Asians were confused by the big tornado or the waterspouts. They saw the big fierce animal rising from the sea to the sky. They thought that they had seen.

Actually, Korean called the waterspout as ‘Yong Orum’ meaning ‘Dragon Rising’.

In this web site, I will call the Chinese Ideogram as ‘the dragon letters’ or ‘D-letters’. You may also like that name. For it is simpler. And the Chinese ideogram is not just for Chinese, but for Asians, in particular, Far Eastern Asians. The letter ‘Long’ symbolizes the characteristics of the Chinese Ideogram, I think.

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