WIN members meeting on 11 Sep. 2010

The 2nd WIN members only chat is scheduled on 11/9/2010, 15:00 am GMT +0

This event will be entirely hosted on the WIN server. The chat environment is built as an add-on of the WIN boards and it uses permissions from the WIN boards.

All the members of the WIN affiliated societies and only them can participate in this chat event. The only requirement to successfully login the chat is the registration in the WIN boards. Interested members of any WIN member society should register an account in the WIN boards and contact their society representative in the WIN boards to have their accounts activated and proper permissions granted to their account. The registration is simple and fast. Information about the name and contact details of each society representative in the WIN boards is provided following the initial step of the registration within the WIN boards – WIN Public Portal.

The WIN chat is based on the AJAX Web Chat, which is a copyrighted software, supported and provided by

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  1. September 8, 2010

    Ev, remember to use culture non-specific dating conventions for your scheduled events. For example, 11/9/2010 means nov 9th 2010 in America, but Sept 11th 2010 in your neck of the woods. Spelling out the month is a good disambiguation habit.

  2. September 8, 2010

    ATTENTION ALL: Just in case my prior post was a little unclear, the 2nd WIN chat is scheduled for 11-SEPTEMBER-2010.

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