WIN ONE issue 17 just released

WIN ONE issue 17 just released

We are excited to inform you that WIN ONE issue 17 is now released.

This is the first WIN ONE issue edited by our new editorial team, supervised by Graham Powell and Krystal Volney.

This issue includes some very interesting articles and creations submitted by WIN members. The issue contents are:
Tomas Nordberg on Cambridge (Page 4)
Bruce Boston Introduction and Poetry (Page 5)
Peter J. King Introduction and Poetry (Page 10)
Two Poems by Patricia Perez Eustaquio (Page 15)
Biography of Melissa Studdard (Page 16)
Poetry by Melissa Studdard (Page 17)
Poems by Anja Jaenicke (Page 19)
Poem by Therese Waneck (Page 23)
Poetry by Graham Powell (Page 23)
Interview with YoungHoon Kim (Page 29)

Many thanks to Graham and Krystal for their time and work put on this WIN ONE issue.

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