WIN Online Editions Issue 15: Just released

We are excited to announce the release of the WIN ONE issue XV, edited by Graham Powell.

All our members’ interests, all meet in the pages of the latest issue of the World Intelligence Network Online Editions.

The latest issue contents:

Cover: Picture of Cambridge, England.
Page 2: Introduction by the Editor.
Page 3: Contents Page.
Page 4: Kenneth Myers, Of Arms and Online Comments.
Page 5: Graham Powell, Haikus.
Page 6: Nomar Norono, Our Misinformed Planet.
Page 8: Addenda 2015/2016 by Rich Stock.
Page 12: The Forgotten Mean in Aristotle, by Paul Edgeworth.
Page 13: Interview with Graham Powell.
Page 15: Epigrahams and a Haiku by Graham Powell.
Page 16: The Embrace, a poem by Graham Powell.
Page 17: Poetry by Thomas J. Hally.
Page 19: Interview with Dr. Vinton Cerf, by Krystal Volney.
Page 20: Telecom: Worldwide Mind Linking, by Nomar Norono.
Page 21: Crossword by “Jeep”.
Page 23: Steering Conversation, by Graham Powell.
Page 25: Agelessly, a poem by Therese Waneck.
Page 26: Paul Edgeworth: The Esse – Essence Distinction in Thomas Aquinas.
Page 35: Crossword Answers.
Page 36: Photo Montage.

Thank you all for your submissions, articles and trust to the WIN ONE. Many thanks to Graham Powell, our WIN ONE Editor.

Enjoy our work!

WIN Administration

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