Do you know what an hyperoperator is? If yes, it would be very easy to solve the analogy below. Zeration:0=Addition:1=Multiplication:2=Exponentiation:3=???:4=… I think the easiest way to undersand a little more about this strange world is to read a couple of Wiki pages: Tetration Now, do you wish to know more about this topic? Exploring deeper […]

I know that this topic is not stricly related with the main subject of this section of the WIN (World Intelligence Network), but it is conneceted with mathematics as well. Nowadays, “standardized” and “high range” IQ tests (spatial, numerical, and so on) are static. This means that there is a single test that every candidate […]

3D Nine Dots Puzzle extended… animation: Solutions by Marco Ripà, animation by

Nearly a century ago, the classic nine dots problem appeared in Samuel Loyd’s Cyclopedia of Puzzles. The challenge was as follows: “…draw a continuous line through the center of all the eggs so as to mark them off in the fewest number of strokes”.   The Rectangular Spiral Solution A generalization of Ripà’s square spiral […]