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WIN Structure

WIN was constitutionally formed on 01/01/2001. The founding societies of the World Intelligence Network are the CIVIQ, HELLIQ and OLYMPIQ High IQ societies.

The PARS society became the fourth society-member of the WIN in March 2004 and the GIGA society the fifth WIN member society in May 2004.

ePiq society became a WIN member in July 2005, ISI-Society in June 2006, COLLOQUY society in March 2007, IISociety in December 2009 and IQuadrivium society in February 2010. The INGENIUM, UNIQ,LOGIQ and Greatest Minds Societies joined the WIN in May 2010. The SPIQR and ATLANTIQ societies joined WIN in June 2010. EPIDA and BPIQ societies joined the WIN organization in July 2010. EXACTIQ and IQuestion societies joined WIN in October 2010. ALTA CAPACIDAD HISPANA, ESOTERIQ, OMIQAMI, QIQ and GRIQ societies acquired the WIN membership in March 2011. Encefalica and HispanIQ International Societies joined the WIN organization in March 2011. The Grand and Ultima Societies joined the WIN organization in August 2011 and the Artistic Minds Society in October 2011. STHIQ and MIQRO Societies joined WIN in January 2012. IQID Society became the 33rd WIN member society in February 2012. In July 2012, two Chinese High IQ Societies, the Intelligence Top Two Percent (ITTP) Society and the Different Better Clever (DBC) Society joined the WIN organization. The World Genius Directory became affiliated with WIN in August 2012. EVANGELIQ Society, TENSA Society and GOTHIQ Society joined WIN in July 2013. The Episteme Club became the 40th WIN member High IQ Society later in July 2013. POLITIQAL Society also joined WIN in Luly 2013. In September 2013, THIS and 4G Societies joined the WIN Network. The GREEK IQ Society became the 44th WIN member society in March 2014.

The in-house philosophy of the WIN function is democratically and equitably distributed via the participation and representation of each affiliated society in the decision making procedures, and via all the management organs and mechanisms of the WIN, with no exceptions. All the WIN societies’ members have the right and the responsibility to be represented in all official WIN events, meetings and decision-making procedures.

The decision-making organ of the WIN organization is the WIN Executive Committee, which is formed through an election process by all WIN members once every year.

WIN Executive Committee (WEC) has decided to create three specialized and differentiated Committees functioning under the constant supervision of the WEC. The synthesis and goals of each Committee is under WEC consideration.

The current WIN Executive Committee members are:


WIN President Dr Evangelos Katsioulis
WIN Vice President Dr Manahel Thabet
CIVIQ reps Evangelos Katsioulis, Marc-André Groulx
HELLIQ reps Marc-André Groulx, Wayne Zhang
OLYMPIQ reps Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, George Petasis
PARS rep Baran Yonter
GIGA rep Paul Cooijmans
EPIQ reps Owen Cosby, Jacqueline Slade
ISI-S reps Jonathan Wai, Braco Veletanlic
COLLOQUY reps Katie Cesaro, Martin Jacobsen
INFINITY IS reps Owen Cosby and Harry Hollum or Stan Riha
IQUADRIVIUM rep Karyn Peters
INGENIUM reps Martin Tobias Lithner, Brennan Martin
UNIQ reps Martin Tobias Lithner, Andrea Toffoli
LOGIQ reps Martin Tobias Lithner, Graham Powell
GMS rep Roberto A. Rodriguez
SPIQR reps Marco Ripà, Graham Powell
ATLANTIQ reps Beatrice Rescazzi, Landon Bennett
EPIDA reps Andrew Aus, Fernando Barbosa Neto
BPIQ reps Kelly Dorsett, Robert Hopkins
EXACTIQ reps Patrick Kreander, Tapio Kortesaari
IQUESTION reps Dr Manahel Thabet, Barry Beanland
ESOTERIQ rep Masaaki Yamauchi
OMIQAMI rep Andrea Toffoli
QIQ rep Dr Evangelos Katsioulis
GRIQ rep Dr Evangelos Katsioulis
HISPANIQ IS rep Luis Enrique Perez Ostoa
ENCEFALICA reps Luis Enrique Perez Ostoa, Fernando Sánchez Serrano
GRAND rep Ivan Ivec
ULTIMA rep Ivan Ivec
ARTISTIC MINDS rep Robert Mestre
STHIQ reps Gaetano Morelli, Beatrice Rescazzi
MIQRO rep Yui Yamaguchi
IQID Child rep Dr Evangelos Katsioulis
ITTP rep Wenjin Chen
DBC rep Wenjin Chen
WGD rep Dr Jason Betts
EVANGELIQ rep Masaaki Yamauchi
TENSA rep Victor Hingsberg
GOTHIQ rep Anthony Lawson
EPISTEME CLUB rep Dr Xavier Jouve, PhD
POLITIQAL rep Vuk Mircetic
THISociety rep Iakovos Koukas
4G Society rep Iakovos Koukas
GREEK rep Dr Evangelos Katsioulis
WPC supervisor Lauren Bylsma
WPRC co-supervisors Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, Graham Powell, Dr Manahel Thabet
WWC co-supervisors Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, Darb


A synthesis of the specialized WIN Committees is:


The WPC – WIN Psychometric Committee

supervisor:     Lauren Bylsma
members:     Jonathan Wai, Marc Heremans

The WPRC – WIN Public Relations Committee

co-supervisors:     Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, Graham Powell, Dr Manahel Thabet
members:     Julie T., Marc-Andre Groulx,
Thomas B., Djordje Rancic,
Baran Yonter, Chris Chsioufis,
Braco Veletanlic, Richard Cadle,
Etienne Forsstrφm, Jonas Hogberg,
Jonathan Wai, Katie Cesaro,
Isaac Ifrach, Owen Cosby

The WWC – WIN Web Committee

co-supervisors:     Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, Darb
members:     Stevan Damjanovic, Vincenzo Iozzo,
Marc-Andre Groulx, Luke Harbaugh,
Chris Chsioufis, Julie T.,
Thomas B., Mari Donkers,
Chris Eichenberger, Baran Yonter,